About Us

Our Family


Tom Graham: A.K.A. the dad plays banjo for the group. He loves bluegrass and loves being able to go around and spread the word of God while doing the thing he loves, and that is playing music with his family.

Simmie Graham: A.K.A. the mom, keeps the beat by playing the bass for the band. We call her the producer of the band (in a literal sense) because she is the wonderful mother to the family. 

Sarah Graham: Sarah (19) started playing the fiddle when she was about 6yrs old. She has always loved bluegrass and quickly picked up on the fiddle. She then switched to mandolin when she was about 10yrs old and fell in love with it. She now plays mandolin for the group and sings lead and backup vocals. 

Maggie Graham: Maggie (17) also started on the fiddle when she was about 6yrs old. She later switched to guitar at the same time that Sarah switched to the mandolin. Maggie loves playing guitar and singing lead and backup vocals for the band. 

Katie Graham: Katie (15) has powerful vocals and plays the fiddle for the band. She started playing at 6yrs old and has been fiddlin' ever since. She sings lead and backup vocals also.

Laura Graham: Laura (14) plays the second fiddle. She, along with everyone else, started when they where 6yrs old. She and Katie play a lot of twin fiddles. Though she may have a small voice, she can sing very passionately and is a very good singer/backup vocalist for the band. Laura is also learning the dobro, and will soon add that to the band. 

Ben Graham: Ben (12) the newest member of the band plays rhythm guitar, and a little bass. He started playing around when he was 7ish but started taking music seriously when he was about 8yrs old. He has now improved enough to officially join the band and start playing with us on stage! 

Jenny Graham: Jenny (9) has not quite joined the band yet. She and Jessie are just starting to learn music and are very excited to do so. Jenny is a natural at singing harmony and isn't too bad on her little fiddle either! She practices everyday and is very excited to be able to start singing with us soon! 

Jessie Graham: Jessie (9) is Jenny's twin sister. She has picked up the mandolin and works on it all the time. She loves music and preforming. Jessie will be joining the band soon and, along with Jenny, can't wait to start playing with us.

Our Faith


We are a Christian family that loves to spread the word of Jesus Christ everywhere we go. We love to go around to churches and festivals singing Bluegrass/Gospel music, and reciting Bible verses. 

     When Simmie and Tom got married and started a family they decided to do something that would bring us all together instead of push us apart. The decided to start playing music because we could do that as a family. We love playing music together, and being able to spread the gospel everywhere we go.